Form 2290 – Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax 2015

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If you own a trucking business with your own massive fleet or a person who has one truck over 55,000 pounds that is on the road for more than 5,000 miles a year than you might have heard of Form 2290 which is the Form you will have to fill out to file and pay tax on each year. Today we are going to talk about what is the 2290 Form is a how easy it is to file online.

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What is IRS Form 2290?

IRS 2290 needs to be filled out immediately after a truck enters use. You do have 30 days from the registration date to file your Form 2290 with the IRS. You will have to pay a fee according to the weight of your vehicle and this tax will be levied each and every year your truck is in service. You will need to keep track of each truck and the date of service to ensure you are on time with this payment and filing or you will be subject to fees and penalties. Please keep in mind that if you have a fleet of over 25 trucks you will need to submit your filings online but it is still a good idea to file online regardless because that is what the IRS recommends for this Form.

How to File Form 2290 Online?

Here at make it really easy to file your Form 2290 and even offer a low rate of 14.99 for a single truck filing but if you have a fleet of trucks we are also a perfect way for you to keep track of all your paperwork and file returns. We keep all records for up to 3 years and since you have our own private account you will be able to see all of your paperwork whenever you need too. We offer some unique features that can help you with this Form 2290 such as free schedule 1 by Fax, free text alerts, free re-file if one is rejected, free VIN corrections, free tax audit, Schedule 1 in minutes not hours, e-file for all 2290 amendments, low service charges, and even 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer support.

When filling out these 2290 Forms all you will need to do is follow a step by step procedure and we will walk you through the whole thing. First, you will need to register with us and make an account. Please have all the VIN numbers for all trucks and you will also need the weight as well. You will add all of that information into our website and then you will be asked to pay and submit. After you do all of this you will be given your schedule 1 immediately!

I hope you have learned more information about and how we have helped you fill out and file your Form 2290 and how easy it is to e-file these Forms. Our service really takes the guess work out of it all.

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