Common Important Reasons for Form 2290 Rejections

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HVUT Form 2290 deadline is marching fast and it is our responsibility to remind our tax filers to E-file 2290 Form before the due date by August 31st for 2017 to 18 tax year. Are you waiting until the last minute to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290? Then we will say that would be a bad idea because while you file the IRS 2290 Form online at the last minute and the IRS rejects the Form for some reason. In that condition you need to correct the Form and retransmit the Form to the IRS on time else you will attract IRS penalties towards you.

reasons for Form 2290 rejection

No more waiting truckers, simplify your e-filing process and help you to get a stamped Schedule 1 proof in minutes. In this blog, you will find the most common reasons for the Form 2290 rejections. So read on to correct the errors on your Form 2290.

Most Common Reasons for Form 2290 Rejections


EIN Mismatch:

There is no way you can file your Form 2290 online without the EIN. So before applying for the Form 2290 you just need an EIN. You can get the EIN by applying from the IRS. You can apply the EIN with the IRS. It takes about two weeks to get updated in the IRS system. So you need some time to get your EIN registered with the IRS. When you are applying with a new EIN then your Form 2290 will get rejected as the EIN won’t be present in the IRS database. You can e-file Form 2290 after the EIN becomes active.

The provided business information must also match with the information in the IRS. If the match is not found then your Form 2290 will get rejected.

Duplicate Filing of Form 2290:

With a VIN, you can file the HVUT Form 2290 only once during a tax period. In the case of any duplication, it will be rejected, so ensure you are filing for the correct tax period which is July 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2018. When you file the tax for the previous paid tax period then it will be considered as a duplicate.

Importantly check the entered VIN for its correctness. Even if any of the VIN’s character is incorrect then the Form will get rejected. When your Form 2290 is rejected for incorrect VIN then you can file free VIN corrections with the with no further delay.

Errors in Routing Transfer Number:

The HVUT tax returns are paid through the direct debit or electronic funds withdrawal. This process involves the bank account number and Routing Transfer Number (RTN). So while you enter that information with a character off, then the IRS cannot debit the funds, which leads to 2290 Form rejection. This is applicable even if you do not have enough funds in your account to pay the IRS with the full tax amount.

Hence, be careful while entering the information, which is found on your checks. When your truck tax 2290 Form is rejected for the errors in the RTN or due to insufficient funds then you can just edit and retransmit your 2290 to the IRS or you can also choose a different payment option.

Hope this article gave wide information about the most common reasons for Form 2290 rejections. We recommend you to e-file the Form 2290 with ETAX2290 in order to minimize the errors and the IRS rejections. Still, if you have any queries to answer and for more assistance, contact our customer support team at 703-229- 0326 or drop a mail at  We are happy to assist you at any time.

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